monitor-io: Continuously Monitor Your Internet Service and IoT Connectivity – for Homes, Businesses, and Installers | Receive Service and Device Alerts | Remotely Diagnose Issues | No Monthly Fee

Price: $129.00
(as of Oct 22,2020 05:36:25 UTC – Details)

Connectivity and performance monitoring of your network in real-time. Measures internet performance and IoT connectivity without looking at any of your data or making any changes to your network. Designed for both the novice and the internet-savvy, for consumers and small businesses – monitor-io is highly valuable if you depend on essential IoT devices or if you have had issues with your internet connectivity and would like to track the performance of your connection.

CONTINUOUSLY MONITOR YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION: NOT based on speed tests or pings – uses advanced TCP and UDP testing to detect connectivity and performance issues in near real-time. Obtain information on connectivity interruptions, packet loss, delay variation and overall degradation.
TROUBLESHOOT YOUR NETWORK: Review the history of outages and degradation. Troubleshoot and segment issues in your network, even when you lose internet connectivity. Get a visual status of your network connectivity from across the room.
TRACK IoT DEVICE CONNECTIVITY: See when essential IoT devices are offline and when they are back online. See the pattern of online activity by device.
NOTIFICATIONS: Receive alert notifications for internet degradation, unknown devices joining your network, essential devices dropping off, etc.
SECURE AND EASY TO INSTALL: No special skills or router configuration needed. Just plug the device into your router and you are ready to go (after completing the registration). Following a strict do-no-harm presence on your network, there is absolutely NO ARP spoofing or ARP cache poisoning, NO interference with normal DHCP operation, NO changes to standard routing, NO inspection or processing of user data, and NO configuration changes to your router.

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